There will be a Steyning Neighbourhood Plan Event Monday on 20th May at 8pm at the Steyning Centre, Fletchers Croft. This will be a Site Promoters Event where landowners that have put forward sites for development present their case for the inclusion of their site in the Steyning Neighbourhood Plan. Members of the public are invited to come and listen. The Steyning Society objects to any building in the National Park.

The Steyning Society believes that because we are trapped between the by-pass and the South Downs National Park there is no space for significant new housing and there is no need for it. Any developments elsewhere should be Social Housing and not even so called Affordable Housing.  Any new development should make the Environment a priority. A start should be made by introducing a 20 mph speed limit throughout Steyning to increase the safety  of school children, pedestrians and cyclists. Every effort should be made to stop housebuilding in Clay’s Field and that it should be considered part of Steyning’s remit as well as Bramber’s.