February 2019 Newsletter

Committee News

Peter and Diana Harris have settled into their new home in Norfolk. The Committee  realises what a gap his departure has made to the Society, but will endeavour to maintain his level of commitment to Steyning. The current membership stands at 326 and is a tribute to Peter’s hard work.

Christmas Supper

The Christmas Supper was a very successful occasion, with over 80 people present. The excellent meal was the last catering event by Dianne White, who has now retired. She has provided the catering for the Society’s Christmas Supper for 20 years and she will be missed.

Subscription for 2019

This is a reminder that all subscriptions  are now due on 1 March. Members who pay by Bankers Order (the preferred method of payment) should ensure that they have informed their bank of the new date and the new amount , £10 for single membership and £15 for joint members at the same address.

Changed date

Please note that the April meeting, shown as on Monday 15 April  (because of Good Friday) will now be on Wednesday 17 April.

Clays Field

Clays Field is in Bramber Parish, but the application to build houses on one quarter of the area would have a big impact on Steyning residents nearby and on the community in general. The Society will keep a watching brief on the matter, though there is little that can be done at the moment. Bramber Parish Council is in the process of deciding their position on the proposal through their Neighbourhood Plan process. West Sussex County Council would not allow a big development.

Steyning Community Plan

At the moment it is

  1. analysing residents’ responses to its question on their opinion of Steyning,
  2. asking for people to join focus groups,
  3. asking landowners to offer sites for housing. So far the following have been offered:

A   Sweetlands – at the end of Newham Lane. In the National Park.

B   Bayards – opposite the Leisure Centre. In the National Park.

C   Glebe Farm – on the left just over the King’s Barn Lane road bridge. The other side of the by-pass.

D   Smaller sites – on the corner of Goring Road and The Crescent and a tiny site in Penlands.

A map showing these sites was displayed at the Saturday Steyning Market but no decisions have been made. Our Committee is watching the situation carefully and as a Community Plan residents will have an opportunity to state their views in due course.

Article 4 Direction

The Parish Council has contacted the Society about its work to achieve an Article 4 Direction for the Conservation Area in Steyning.This additional level of planning protection will preserve the  historic character of the street scene and affects non-Listed homes within the Conservation Area. It means that householders would have to apply for planning permission for some changes to the exterior of their properties which they are currently permitted to carry out.

A Working Party has been set up and a Committee Member will join it.

Grant or Sponsorship Application

One of the aims of the Society is to support any suitable proposals to maintain and improve the amenities in Steyning.The Society will consider grant or sponsorship applications that will fulfil this objective.


A short AGM will be held before the talk on Wednesday 17 April . This is the agenda, which will also be available at the meeting together with the annual accounts.

1. Apologies for absence

2 Minutes of AGM held on 20 April 2018

3 Chair’s report

4 Treasurer’s report and adoption of Accounts

5 Election of Officers – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Publicity Officer

6 Election of Committee Members

7 Appointment of Examiner

8 Any Other Business

Note: In accordance with the Society’s Constitution ALL officers and other committee members retire at the AGM and are eligible for re-election.


Immediately after this very short AGM there will be “Offenbach – the King of Opera” by Ian Gledhill

Advance Notice: Flower Festival

There is to be a Flower Festival from August 23- 26 in St Andrews Church to raise money for the Church as part of the Horsham Festival. Steyning organizations are being asked to produce displays – the theme is Film Titles. We will be given a Title!

We shall welcome volunteers to help produce a display


The newsletter will now go out three times a year, in February, June and October.


Jane Oxley is arranging the following outings:

17 April     Hampton Court Palace

17 July       Gilbert White’s house at Selborne, East Hampshire

Please contact Jane Oxley if you are interested, either by phone, 01903 812334 or by email at