Planning Issues

The Steyning Society keeps an eye on Planning Applications for building developments that are submitted to Horsham District Council. We aim to influence any further developments of our lovely town.

Please see the latest Steyning and area planning news below



The property developer, Lilyford, has invited members of the Steyning Society to a Pre-Planning Public Exhibition about their proposals for the Church Street Steyning Grammar School site. The event will take place at Brotherhood Hall on 9th December. Anyone interested is invited to drop in between 3.00 and 8.00 pm, but please RSVP first to

Five members of the Committee attended one or both meetings held on 18 October with the Steyning Grammar School Foundation.

The meeting in the morning dealt with all the buildings west of School Lane up to and including Chatsfields. This last building will be bought by the developers and used as a common area for the over 55’s housing proposed for the rest of the school site.

The Foundation own all the other buildings: Brotherhood Hall is a Grade 1 Listed Building. Brewers Hall and the Headmaster’s House are Grade 2 Listed. They are all in a poor state of repair. The Foundation would like to find a use for them and to maintain the Foundation’s charitable purposes and intentions. Namely some sort of education facility for the under 25’s. The problem is this has to be financially viable. Brotherhood Hall is an iconic medieval building which will be difficult to convert and re-use. The Society is suggesting that the Foundation should employ top heritage consultants to undertake a feasibility study to recommend how best to secure its future.

The rest of the school site will be cleared and used for over 55’s housing. The Society suggested social housing to the developers but they stated that this was a matter for Horsham District Council. The lay out plan is for low rise in front of Brotherhood Hall and higher apartment blocks on lower ground to the east. The outlook for surrounding houses was in general improved. These are preliminary plans which have not been agreed by Steyning Parish Council or Horsham District Council, nor has the difficulty of access been discussed with West Sussex County Council. Everything is at an early stage and there will be a public consultation.



Please click on the objections made by the Steyning Society:  Glebe Farm Steyning Society comments

The Society is also aware of the proposal for development at Glebe Farm behind Kings Barn Lane. This is a site identified in the Draft Horsham District Local Plan, which is currently delayed. The outline plan is for 265 houses with access from the Steyning by-pass. This is a major development which will impact on traffic, schools, health facilities and housing in the town.

The developers want HDC to deal with the outline application in advance of approval of the Local Plan. Several issues arise including: 

  • a new roundabout access onto the by- pass will require a speed limit to be enforced on the A283.
  • We do not consider an emergency access to Kings barn lane should be built until this A283 access is completed.
  • It is important that Steyning’s Social Housing needs are included, as this will not be possible on the SGS site. HDC has stated that there are 148 people on the Steyning Housing List waiting for affordable housing (80% of market price). As 80% is not affordable, HDC and Steyning PC should address this Social Housing issue urgently when dealing with Richborough Estates.
  • The scale and design of the proposed housing should be consulted on widely as part of the application process.


Horsham District Council has postponed a decision on the District Local Plan in July 2021 following a Government policy change requiring a 30 year vision for Local Plans.

Steyning Neigbourhood Plan 

The Steyning Society Committee has supported and commented on the draft Steyning Neighbourhood Development Plan 2019-2031.  You can access the Steyning Society submission here:.Steyning _Reg_16_Comment_TS Form


Clays Field  has been retained as a Green Space in the Bramber Neighbourhood Plan

The Steyning Society has been concerned that Clays Field which is an important amenity for Steyning and Bramber could be lost to housing development.

We were pleased to hear in July 2021 that the proposed Regulation 19 submission of Horsham’s Local Plan has backed up Bramber Parish Council’s position with respect to Clays Field which states:

‘Bramber SA758 Land at Clays Field: The site is not recommended to come forward as an allocation (for housing). The site plays an important role in the landscape and heritage setting of both Steyning and Bramber and provides valued local amenity provision for residents of both villages. The landscape capacity study (2020) has identified this location has having limited/no capacity for housing. Long views of the South Downs must also be considered with some parts of the site visible from the National Park.’

Proposed development in Elm Grove

The planning appeal decision for Elm Grove Lane B & W Building has just been published (July 2021). The planning inspector allowed the appeal against Horsham’s refusal to give planning consent to the proposed development The Steyning Society had previously objected to the proposal.

This is the link

You can read the full objection to the proposed development in the centre of Steyning in Elm Grove by clicking on the link here: Elm Grove DC200789 Steyning Society objection