This year’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Steyning Centre on Friday, 19th April 2024.  The Annual Report presented to the meeting can be found by using the link Annual Report for 2023 – 24

The AGM was followed by the presentation of this year’s Steyning Bowl Awards, which were presented by Mr. Adam Whitehead, the Headteacher of Steyning Grammar School. The Steyning Bowl was presented to Jill Allen for her 41 years of outstanding work with Steyning Woodcraft Folk. In addition to the Bowl, she was presented with a certificate. Highly Commended Certificates were presented to Joan Denwood, for her work with the young at Steyning Museum, and to Wendy Francis and Sue Morris for their family support work at Steyning Parish Church.
Certificates of Merit were presented to David Buckett, Linda Coleman, Mia Glass, Christine Humphries, Jane Oxley and Mike Kelly, Becky Smith, Percy Parsons, Paul Tiller and Samantha Wormleighton, all for their much appreciated work with young people at various organisations in Steyning.

The evening concluded with a talk by Dr Sue Roe about Charleston, which was once the home of the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and where the Bloomsbury Set used to meet.

Photographs of the evening can be found by using the link AGM photos. Please make sure that you put your cursor on the photograph you want to see and that you then click on it because the images shown on the gallery page are incomplete and do not show the full photograph. We are very grateful to Edward for taking these photographs for us and for helping to put them on the website.