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To view our latest newsletter please click: Steyning For Trees Newsletter – Sept 2021

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Steyning For Trees (SFT) is a new  community group  formed to help fight climate change by promoting the planting of more trees. Trees are also vital for the beauty of our town and landscape  – and our mental wellbeing. The Steyning Society is keen to support SFT and the Society has provided a grant to assist their work. The aims of this group complement that of the Steyning Society and so it has been agreed that SFT should be affiliated to the Society.

Steyning For Trees  is generously supported by:

* Our sponsors, The Steyning Society

* The Sussex Community Foundation

* The Wilson Memorial Trust

* the SDNPA

……..and our highly valued private donors and volunteers.

Steyning For Trees’ joint tree planting scheme with West Sussex County Council means that you can have trees planted on a verge by your home. Please click here for more details: WSCC and SFT Trees

SFT are  working closely with other organisations including  The Woodland Trust and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). However, they are  also very dependent on local volunteers for committee work, planting and funding. If you think you can help then please contact::

For more detail on our planned activities for 2021-22 please click and view our SFT 2021-22 business plan Final 2


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